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White Gold

"At last... I found gold in the Philippines." Its a famous line in a T.V. commercial ad way back maybe in the early 90's or late 80's. Steven Seagal was endorsing a brand of brandy that is made here locally.

A few days back... I read the same line on my favorite local men's magazine and my jaw dropped when I saw one of my favorite models on the cover... Paloma! I immediately bought a copy and I was never disappointed with the pictures inside.

Paloma Esmeria has a mixed line of chinese,spanish and filipino descent. Her modelling in various print ads made her popular in some forums and sites in the internet. She's most popular as the endorser of the print ad of a condom.

And now she's the new sex columnist of my favorite men's magazine here in the Philippines. She will replace Asia Agcaoili in that column. But according to Paloma that it will be a whole different than Asia's. Most probably, Asia breached her contract when she got pregnant since she is an endorser of condoms also.

I found the shoot of Paloma more delicious here. Since I am ogling to several of her scattered images on the net. Her tantalizing eyes remind me of a doll played by most girls that closes its eyes whenever you lay it and opens it when upright. Her white and flawless skin ads to her beauty and sexiness. 

This edition is quite interesting than the previous issue. In the theme of gold, definitely Paloma raised the sleeping manhood of most men... including me. When I bought this issue in a convenience store, the crew said to me "Sabi ko na nga ba eh, ayos yan, sir!" after scanning the magazine for purchase.

And the magazine did not fail me with the pictures of Paloma inside.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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