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Last Monday, after a check up with my doctor for my injured ankle, me and my fiance got a hard time commuting home. No cabs are available at that rainy Monday afternoon. 

So we decided to waste time and eat at a nearby fast food. There's not much of a choice for a decent fast food in the area either so we decided to went in to.. 

Dimsum n' Dumplings. A decent fast food that caters, of course, to some of the good dimsums and dumplings. I ordered my usual favorites, Shark's Fin and Siopao. My fiance ordered an Egg Noodle Mami. There are other specialties that I already tried in the past like Wanton Mami, Pancit Canton, Hakaw, Chili Crab Dumpling and Quial Egg Siomai. These are my favorites that I know by heart and by stomach whenever I crave for something steamed.

Verdict. Dimsum n' Dumplings are quite easy to see in major places and some other places that you wouldn't think that they exist. In this outlet (at the back of VRPMMC), where me and my fiance ate, the space is just perfect for the location. You can dine in or take out your orders.

While waiting for our orders, I just saw a small cockroach roaming the table I was suppose to pick (I tried another of course). When our food arrived, I was disappointed of the size of the Siopao, its not what I expected for its price. I could get myself a bigger Siopao in Ministop for half the price.

Although bitin, the food is good and tasty. I'd love to comeback to Dimsum n' Dumplings for some other food I haven't tried.

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Dimsum n Dumplings
Rating: Good

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Dimsum n' Dumplings Review Dimsum n' Dumplings Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 6:26 PM Rating: 5
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