Fast And Furious 4

Fourth Time

My first movie review of the month. Never been a huge fan of the franchise or been into cars really but I still have to watch this movie. Never had the chance to go out also because of my condition but thank GOD that there are people on the internet that uploads this film for free.

For me, Its still much better to watch on the big screen. Why? Because I like cars and fast paced car chase action shown on surround and vividly big. I also wanted to see exotic cars and how the story go since it starred the original cast. Fast And Furious 4 propels to be a nice action movie but let's see...

Fast And Furious 4. Paul Walker (Brian O'Connor) and Vin Diesel (Dom Toretto) are back in the streets of L.A. and Mexico for this high-octane action thriller. The first and this part are the most exciting installments of this franchise. This opened up with a nice gas tanker rip off scene that gets me off the edge of my seat followed by a high speed alien car race.

A never ending showcase of car chase and race that never stops until the end. Another installment is provoked at the end wherein they plan to make Dom's escape.

Verdict. I wasn't able to watch this movie in full. My fiance keeps on bugging me while watching. Anyway, its nice that this installment made up for the previous sequels of the franchise. The Dom and Brian characters definitely matured here as well as the supporting cast led by Mia (Jordana Brewster), Dom's sister.

Overall, if you like cars and race, this movie is for you. As for me, its entertaining enough to make me like cars more. Entertaining to satisfy my craving of high speed chases and nice looking cars. They could already put this franchise in the shelves now and make better car movies.

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Fast And Furious 4
Rating: Good

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Fast And Furious 4 Fast And Furious 4 Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 8:03 AM Rating: 5
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