Earth Day: 39th Anniversary

One World One Earth

I almost forgot that today is World Earth Day. Thinking about so many things that I wanna do, this day slipped out of my mind. Founded by Gaylord Nelson way back in the 70s to promote awareness and saving the planet from man made pollution.

So, here's my contribution for the 39th anniversary of Earth Day. I listed nine of the responsible deeds I do for the preservation of Mother Earth

  1. I throw my trash in to the trash can.
  2. I unplug my electric fan when I'm not using it.
  3. I unplug my T.V. when I'm not using it.
  4. I unplug my PC when I'm not using it.
  5. I turn off the lights when I'm not using it.
  6. I conserve water.
  7. I make sure there is no wasted water.
  8. I don't burn plastics and don't use aerosols.
  9. I make sure my fridge does not spill out freon.

I hope I am contributing to Mother Earth's preservation at least in my own simple way. To my readers, I hope you all will be responsible enough in making our planet a safe haven for the next generations. 

This list are just simple ways I can share with you and I can come up with something new and better way to help our Earth a better place.

For more informtaion about World Earth Day, Click Here.


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