Bo Sanchez

Modern Day Preacher

My faith in the old church teachings has been tainted over the years. Some of their values and morals are already too old as time changes. I used to be a church goer every Sunday when I was a teen and through college.

And after a long time, I attended a mass yesterday. But as I listen to priests giving sermon to people, it seems their point of view conflicts with mine. But there is someone that had changed the way I look on my religion.

Bo Sanchez. He started preaching at the age of 13 and published his first book at the age of 20. He has now eleven books and all of them are best selling. According to Wikipedia, he was born on July 11 in Caloocan City

He has also a recepient of The Outstanding Young Men last 2006. He now publishes his own magazine, Kerygma and gave several people intuition with his books, preaches and magazine.

I first met Bo Sanchez when a friend lent me a book entitled "How To Find Your One True Love". I learned a lot from that book and looked for his program on the TV. And from then on, whenever I have time, I see to it I could listen to some of his teachings.

I learned several things from him that I haven't learned from priests I listened to my whole teenage and college years. With a limited span of time, I learned more about GOD and how life to be lived. Bo Sanchez is truly one of my personal heroes.

To learn more and for more information about Bo Sanchez, Click Here.


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