Beyonce: From The Beginning Album Review

Humble Beginnings

I have been following Beyonce ever since she's with Destiny's Child. And I know from then that she was the x-factor of the group that would eventually make it big time in the music industry.

After she left the group, she still continued to shine with several singles and albums that topped the charts. And now, I'm listening to her greatest hits album and this is my review...

From The Beginning. Contains 19 of Beyonce's songs including some of the songs she made with her previous girl group Destiny's Child. She's been hot on both music and film industry since she became partners with Jay-Z.

She's still the same diva that can perform and sing as well. This album has been released as to compile her greatest hits and then some so when I had the chance to listen to it, I can't wait to listen to it.

Verdict. Like most of the greatest hits album, it contains the popular songs of the artist (duh?). If I didn't like Beyonce's music, this album's gonna get a poor rating since there is no additional tracks to listen to.

Even a remixed song so to at least have "there-is-something-new-to-listen-to" kind of bonus to listeners. Anyway its a good album. After all, this is gonna satisfy my Beyonce cravings... at least for now.

If you're just beginning to like Beyonce, this is a good album to start with since it contains almost all her hit singles. And I would love to watch her perform live even if I missed her concert here in the Philippines last year.

Beyonce: From The Beginning
Rating: Good / Very Good


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Beyonce: From The Beginning Album Review Beyonce: From The Beginning Album Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 8:20 AM Rating: 5
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