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After a movie review, another task to do is an music album review. This album has already been in my hard drive for weeks already and I think this is the right time to review it.

Bamboo had released their newest album "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday" early this year and lucky for me I got a copy of it. One of my favorite bands of today and here is my album review.

Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday. Bamboo is Bamboo Manalac on vocals, Ira Cruz on guitars, Nathan Azarcon on bass and Vic Mercado on drums. Their fourth studio album and still kickin' ass although changed their hard rockin' style to some funky tunes.

Matured on musical creativeness but still has their distinctive and original score that makes the band uniquely different. Guitars as well as the bass and drums are still steady and lyrics are moving and effectively done. Still Bamboo has the edge for making original music on this album.

Verdict. Bamboo have gone this far to showcase their meaningful songs to Filipino people. Their nationalism and religious themes from their songs are obviously implanted to each song. Their vocalist, Bamboo, is a good lyricist and he is supported by the best artists we got in town.

As if the band wants to put their songs into our minds and souls for the betterment of ourselves. Good tracks here are "Last Days On A Cruise Ship", "Kalayaan" and "Kailan" are among my choices.

They're not also afraid of experimenting sounds and come up with a new one that still will be accepted by millions. A job well done by Bamboo on this album.

Album Review File Number: 0422090901
Bamboo: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday
Rating: Very Good

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Bamboo: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday Album Review Bamboo: Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday Album Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 8:52 AM Rating: 5
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