9MMDOTNET February-March Cover

First Ever!

I always wanted to be an editor of a men's magazine. Why not? Its probably the best job in the world wherein I can be with the most beautiful and sexiest women around the planet. I can take a glance at their sexy body while doing photo shoots.

Sometimes catching them up in the nude. I can be a chick magnet in no time. But that's all in my wildest fantasies. But although I didn't become one... at least I can do a magazine of mine. And this is the first issue of my own magazine... 9MM...

I chose Angel Locsin as the cover of my first issue because she is one of my favorite subjects when I do photo editing. The contents of this issue is the whole blog post from February to March. So just click on the months I mentioned on the right side and it will list down all the articles I had posted. I'll try to come up covers every month. Til then... enjoy this one.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

9MMDOTNET February-March Cover 9MMDOTNET February-March Cover Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 1:02 PM Rating: 5
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