War Of The Hatchbacks!

The Coolest Of Them All

Although I'm not really a big fan of cars and other four wheeled vehicles, I'd love to have one. Especially mini cars and hunchbacks. I love to have cars that are fuel efficient, smooth to drive and good for just a maximum of four passengers including driver.

And I think these are the cars that are available here in the Philippines. I'm gonna list my top nine mini cars I love to drive.

Honda Civic Hatchback. Although this car has already ceased manufacturing, this one is a classic. The very first car I ever dreamt of having and its still the one I want to have. Maybe when my time comes, I would have one of this.

Daewoo Matiz. The smallest of them all. It has been here since 1998. Designed by Italdesign Giugiaro and has either the 0.8 three-cylinder petrol 50 bhp or the 1.0 four-cylinder petrol 64 bhp. A good car and fuel efficient for young bachelors who needs a ride for dates.

Hyundai Getz. Another gas saving car that also has a good exterior finish. I am already seeing some of it here in the streets of Manila. It can come in a 3 door or 5 door hatchback. But its not one of the safest cars in the market though by being assessed by Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR) in 2006. The CRDi version and the diesel engine will take time for the driver to get used to it.

Kia Picanto. One of the least expensive hatchbacks in the market. It has been given an international name Kia New Morning and comes in either at automatic or manual transmissions. A city car good also for young professionals. The short wheelbase makes it agile and easy to maneuver.

Nissan K12C. I'm not sure if Nissan Philippines had already released this car in the market but I'm sure its going to be good looking. I already released a copy of the Mini Cooper here and they did not fail in marketing it. Another good car from Nissan.

Toyota Yaris. Whatever Honda is releasing, Toyota will come up with their own. And this is their answer for the Jazz. But like all the Toyota cars, its fuel efficient and surplus parts are available locally.

Chevrolet Aveo. One of the expensive hatchback in the Philippines. Can come in 4 door sedan and 5 door hatchback. I am also seeing more of this cars in the streets so I'm pretty sure its still affordable. Also called as Daewoo Kalos according to Wikipedia.

Suzuki Swift. One of my favorite hatchbacks. Its body finish is very tight and also fuel efficient. But its price is quite expensive than the other hatchbacks. Why? it can't be kept in the showroom long enough. Suzuki knows that they have a cool car but it fails to impress me in the inside.

Honda Jazz. The pioneer of them all. The Jazz offers a good car that comes in automatic and manual transmissions. The looks and exterior finishes are good and you'll not be disappointed by the interiors also. A perfect car for singles and young professionals. I would really love to have one of these.

Again I don't know much about cars. I just gathered some information from the internet so please excuse me if I have said anything wrong here in this post. If you want to know more about these cars, click here. Comments are very well appreciated.


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