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Eventually, women will become mothers. But its their choice how they would become mothers. They can be lazy and not maintain their figures after giving birth. They can also choose to stay fit and still be hot even though they got children as many as they want.

Most men prefer the latter. And in this case, even she already given birth twice, I'm sure she's still hot and would let men drool over her. And Aubrey Miles was her name...

Aubrey Miles. Entered showbiz when she was 16 appearing in sitcoms in GMA after a stint of winning some beauty contests. In 2003, Aubrey was groomed to be a sexy actress and made movies like "Prosti" and "Xerex" which bringing up her career up a notch. She also starred in "Sanib", "A Beautiful Life" and "Gagamboy" opposite Vhong Navarro

She did several magazine shoots and was also an endorser of Bench Body. Not only that, she tested her skills in The Amazing Race Asia 1 with long time bestfriend Jacq Yu. Aubrey is now spending her nice time with partner Troy Montero and two kids.

Although Aubrey had done wrong things in the past (denying her first love child), I wouldn't think that she was a mother before. Her pretty face and nice bod gives no signs of motherhood. I still remember when I lined up for an autograph signing from her way back.

Bad thing was that I don't have a camera with me then. She looks stunning and attractive while signing my magazine. Aubrey Miles is absolutely a hot mom for me.

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