You Changed My Life

Cheesy But Good

My fiancee and I were planning to watch this movie for some time already. It seems that we are pre-occupied in our days off or we're just lazy to go out. Finally we got the chance to watch "You Changed My Life". So we watched and enjoyed the movie together and this is my review.

You Changed My Life is the sequel to the box office hit movie "A Very Special Love". It continues shortly after Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) became a couple officially. The relationship started smoothly with all the kilig moments. All are nice if there is such a thing as a perfect world.

But it seems our characters are faced with their own challenges particularly time spent with each other. Miggy was sent and assigned to lead the family's manufacturing business out of the city. While Laida has been given the task to be the account manager and meet clients. 

And there's the third party involved in the character of Makoy (Rayver Cruz) that made the story much exciting. In the end, after so much dramatic and crying moments, eventually, they ended up forgiving and loving each other again.

I haven't completely watched A Very Special Love but it seems it was the boy-meets-girl part and you thought they will live happily ever after. Now after watching the sequel, You Changed My Life showed the relationship part.

It showed the audience about the things a couple could do when they are madly in love. They fought for their love and they believed they can conquer all odds. The movie went well, but failed to impress me in the end scenes. The scripts are too cliche. Sarah Geronimo's acting got overacted her voice is kind of always on a high note that annoyed me.

Overall, You Changed My Life had better positive remarks than the negative. Good direction for Cathy Garcia Molina, very well played supporting casts and nice screenplay. One of the good films produced of their genre this year. If there would be another sequel for this franchise... they definitely need some maturity on the characters and less on some cheesy stuffs.

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You Changed My Life
Rating: Good / Very Good


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