Vic Sotto

Comedic Hero

Years back, I am fond of watching T.V. Every night after I'm done with the chores and my school assignments, I am stuck to the boob tube. I regularly watch local and foreign sitcoms and series. May it be cartoons or local sitcoms that will make me feel good and laugh as a child and a teenager. 

Those were the days I missed. Anyway one of them was the sitcom TVJ and one of the trio had inspired me through his character and image that always reminded me of staying down to earth.

Vic Sotto

The skinny guy of the trio Tito, Vic and Joey. "Bossing" as he is called by people had established his name in the showbiz industry as the "Comedy Prince". He also was the "Philippine Box Office King" three times for the last 4 years in MMFF.

Multi talented, he also ventured into music and was the lead vocals of the group VST and Co. before he joined showbiz. A supportive father to his children and a good friend to his co workers, famous and not.

I liked Vic Sotto because he brings in laughter to Filipino people everyday and still never forgets his friends. He helped everyone and still doesn't get his feet off from the floor. According to some of his co workers, he is the snob type though he's funny.

And some girls dig that in a man. When I was a teenager, I looked up to him and said I wanna be like him when I grow up. Of course, I wouldn't get his character of being a philanderer, but still I wanna be the MAN like Vic Sotto. And this is my tribute.

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