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Almost 10 years ago, after watching "Titanic", I again saw the stunning Kate Winslet in her dramatic performance in this Oscar nominated movie. After years of trying to catch her again in a movie, now I have the chance to see her again.

But I was amazed with awe and got my jaw dropped to see this movie showed her in full naked beauty. Almost 1/4 of the scenes with her are shot with either half or completely undressed. So I dig in further into the movie. Of course, I closed my mouth and wiped out the saliva that is hanging out of it.

The Reader tells a compelling love story of a young boy named Michael Berg (David Kross, Ralph Fiennes) having an affair with an older woman named Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet).

He reads to her before and after having sex. She enjoyed it while he learns self esteem and later become a law student. In the seminar that law students must take, Hannah was found guilty of murdering 300 people while working in a Nazi Camp. Michael realizes that Hannah was keeping a secret that would ultimately save her from the trial. 

After some years, Michael decided to read to her again. This time, Hannah learned to read and write before she committed suicide. A 1995 German novel that was adapted to be a film, Kate Winslet won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in major award giving bodies for her performance.

Michael could have saved her from being prosecuted by telling his instructor about the truth. He could have told the jury and the people present there that Hannah is illiterate. That's the secret Hannah is ashamed of. Anyway, those are the questions that keep me hanging.

Overall the movie was awesome. Of course of the fact that I have a crush on Kate Winslet, but her performance was extremely brilliant. David Kross also made his contributions, although he has quite a resemblance from the late Heath Ledger. The movie portrays how a person would go to protect what she is hiding. 

Although its not very shameful to know that you are illiterate, but it seems its a big deal before if you cannot read and write. Aside from the sexual encounters and naked body of Kate that I went on playing again and again, the movie has a sense of touch in romance that I learned from the movie. Michael might have proven that he is a man and not just a love-lust creature if he had saved Hannah from prosecution.

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The Reader
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