March 2009 Magazines Review


This month's men's magazines are in contest to be number one. Of course, for me, the pioneer is still the best. But in this post, I'll tell you the magazines that came out this March are quite boring. These are locally published magazines. Thanks to the internet, I got all the information I need.

FHM. Maggie Wilson is their cover girl. A woman crowned as Bininbing Pilipinas World last 2007 and a VeeJay for MTV Pilipinas. Now she grazed the pages of the Philippines' premiere men's magazine. The issue also celebrates its 9th anniversary.

MAXIM. A contender for the number one spot. Krista Ranillo is featured as the cover girl for March. Although she already boasted her bod in the past issus of FHM, the pictures of Krista here are much hotter than her premiere offer.

PLAYBOY. I'm not sure why its still on circulation but this mag is still hanging on there. This month they offer Sara Polverini. Another former child star that took the pictorials as a stepping stone for showbiz. Not impressed though.

UNO. Their issue is yet to come and I haven't had the chance to take a glimpse of their March issue.

The one I'm intrigued of is the issue of ladies magazine COSMOPOLITAN. It shows Marian Rivera in two piece!?! WTF! So i scoured the internet looking for some scanned images and there it was...

The shoot is not that hot but absolutely libido pumping. She prefers to leave it to our imagination. I definitely look forward to her baring more skin in a men's magazine.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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