9MMDOTNET's Launch

Lift Off!!!

Yesterday was the formal launch of 9MMDOTNET, Stone-Cold Angel's personal blog. From its description, it will showcase his interests, views, thoughts, ideas and reviews on whatever topics he could think of. So read on and enjoy my site. Don't forget to comment and give feedback for the betterment of him and this site.

Every month I will try to come up with a flip album that would compile this blog. You can ask me for a copy of it and it will be sent to you through email. Just shoot me an email 9mmonline at gmail dot com. I will also open some accounts on some famous social networking sites that will further improve this blog and be known on the internet. Just watch out for some surprises that will come out in the very near future.

Again, some files here, unless watermarked, were downloaded from the internet. I will think of them as free and will be shared to every visitors to this site. If you think I have violated you copyright or you don't want that file to be shown or shared, please email me so that I can remove it immediately.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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