Kabayan Beach Resort Experience

Team Building Adventure

Last weekend, we held our team building in a resort south of Manila. As I have said in my previous post, call center agents like me gets away from stress with these kinds of activity. My fiance decided to tag with me along with my teammates.

The trip was long and winding for some of us especially that we just got off from a graveyard shift. We stopped at Green Ats Bulalohan in Tagaytay to eat lunch. We enjoyed the meal there and after an hour or so, we set off to our destination.

We arrived at Kabayan Beach Resort at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Our rooms were not yet reeady so we stayed in one of cottages there named "Kulasisi". I thought it was the native term for mistress but when I looked around, the cottages were named after local birds. We looked around and I noticed that the resort was very tidy.

Now I'm feeling relaxed already. The sound of the waves was relieving and I have to spend it my team, friends and especially with my fiancee.

Some of us need to cook dinner. And I was assigned to get the grill ready. We don't have any papers or any flammable material that would ease up setting fire. Good thing there are people that helped us discover that a floor wax can be used to set the grill on flames.

At least we learned something new, although I don't know if its safe to use wax as substitute to kerosene for setting up fire in a grill.

After dinner, we played games that built teamwork and fun among us. Then after that we had our drinking session. Shared experiences, jokes, laughs, songs and other stories that made the session more memorable. We finished the day after midnight and all of us went to bed except for a few who still wanted to fill their beer bellies.

Morning came, my fiance and I spent moments together along the beach and talked about anything. The sound and view of the beach was easing for me to forget issues that came with the team. Some of them had forgotten their responsibilities as human beings.

Of course I didn't open it up because it will spoil everyone's enjoyment. I swam with my colleagues and my fiance and enjoyed the sun and the water. The water was clear and warm... perfect for us. It washed away our stress out from our bodies and filled it out with gratitude and happiness.

After eating brunch, some laughter and a lot of picture taking, we loaded up our things back to the vans and headed back to Manila. The trip back was quite short if not for the very slow traffic from Alabang to Bicutan Interchange. We arrived back at home exhausted from the trip and slept through the night.

Kabayan Beach Resort was a decent resort. The place is tidy and the rooms are exceptionally nice. The beach is very well maintained for it is still clear and salty (of course, what do you expect with sea water!?).

The staffs are kind although some of them are quite snob. Also the ambiance are very close to nature. If you, your beloved, family, friends, team, or barkada are planning to go out of town, you might want to consider Kabayan Beach Resort. Although not at par with the best but still a good place to spend summer.

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Kabayan Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines
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