Francis Magalona

In Memoriam

Recalled that  first purchased album is from this artist that is featured here. Remembering him not just as an artist but the one who touched lives of the many Filipinos because of his patriotism.

Purchased the album "Yo!" way back in high school because of the hit song playing in radios at that time. And he is the only Master Rapper we know and his legacies are already within ourselves. This page is given to the best Filipino rapper that has influenced our Filipino lives...

Francis Durango Magalona
1964 - 2009

Born from parents who was already in the show business, His father, Pancho Magalona was a highly decorated actor while his mother Tita Duran who was also a famous actress at her time. He died of Leukemia and left his wife and eight children to join The Creator.

Francis M is such a multi talented artist. He was a host, an MTV Director, photographer, rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter and producer among the rest of his accomplishments.

He was able to introduce the rap and hip-hop scene in the Philippines and also the Rap Metal genre with a theme of nationalistic pride. He was the only one that has done it so far.

There are such songs that you can't deny that came from him that you would want to sing either from the showers or from a Videoke bar. Below are my favorite songs from Francis M like Cold Summer Nights, Kaleidoscope World, Girl Be Mine, Mga Kababayan, Kabataan Para Sa Kinabukasan, Mga Praning and others that I can't remember.

I was also enthralled about how Francis Magalona treats his family. Their bonding and love is just overwhelming and he makes sure that everything is under control when he takes care of the household.

Francis Magalona is truly one of the greatest Filipinos that I have known and listened to. His songs are very patriotic and real for every Filipino. And this page is for him and his legacies.  9MM Blogzine is so very proud of you!


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