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Last weekend, we had our trip to Batangas and had our team building in one of the resorts there. Working in a call center is very stressful and one of our outlets would be having this kind of out-of-town trips. Away from the harshness and pressures of work.

These are the things I always wanted to do because this relieves me of burnout I get from work. I will tell you more about it later in my next post. But right now, I'll just give a review of the restaurant that filled our hungry bellies during the trip.

This was already my second time to eat here. The first would be last year. Green Ats Bulalohan is located at Tagaytay, Batangas along a major highway. You can't miss it because it has a nice view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

While waiting for our orders, we did our photo shoots with the nice view of the classic Taal Volcano. I borrowed a camera from my brother but unfortunately it did not work for me to get some pictures. The breeze there was very cold as we were there and this is the temperature I always like. Even though the sun is at its peek, still the breeze contemplates the high noon.

When the food arrived, me and my teammates ate as if there's no tomorrow and we haven't known each other. And in almost 15-20 minutes, the food went to our stomachs as if it was spilled over. Good foods here are, of course,

The Bulalo which they are famous for. We also tried their Sizzling Sisig, Sizzling Bangus, Chopsuey, Tawilis and others which are exceptionally delicious. I finished my meal in exactly 15 minutes including waiting for the extra rice. The service and ambiance was also great.

The waiters and other support staffs are very fast and courteous. So if you are planning to get to Tagaytay, its important to fill your tummy's at Green Ats Bulalohan. Although Bulalo is one source of high blood pressure and other heart related diseases, please eat in moderation.

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Green Ats Bulalohan, Tagaytay, Philippines
Rating: Very Good


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