Globe Broadband Tattoo Review

Signal Dependent

I saw the commercial of Globe's Broadband Tattoo showing models with tattoos of Yahoo, Friendster etc. Its kind a cool gimmick to show how consumers will really love to surf those sites with 2 mbps of speed. But don't get hooked yet, these commercials are so enticing that you'll forget the ups and downs of the service.

Globe Broadband Tattoo is the same Globe Visibility. It was just repackaged and re-branded to give it a fresh-look. Its their challenger for the Smart Bro Prepaid.

This mobile broadband device is like a cellphone too, its signal dependent. It is not true that you'll get 2 Mbps of speed (or even half of it) if you're in a location that has weak signal coverage. Surely hit and miss. There are still locations who has better signal and some are weaker. So Php 10 for 30 mins for 2 Mbps of broadband connection, really not bad.

Trying it surely won't hurt if you are prepared for the consequences. Its really up to the consumers what exactly they need. Just so happen that I'm not a Globe Network user.


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