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Another promising young band emerges from the University which has a naked man standing with arms wide open. They are already a late comer in the Pinoy Rock era having formed in 2003 but still having raw originals that could tickle the mass market.

Their music is so grinding yet their lyrics are product of the twisted minds of five young lads from the said school. I had the chance to listen to their craft and this is my review.

Giniling Festival. Composed of Jeje Santos on vocals, Anto Garcillano and Jebs Mangahas on guitars, Lec Cruz on bass and Monpi Lopez on drums. They call their music as "Happy Metal" because their lyrics, according to them, are happy not angry or sad. They mix loud and hard music with comical lyrics and the end result is their debut album of the same name.

I enjoyed listening to their music, especially, "Siling Giniling" and "Letter To Angelina Jolie" which they got to the tune of a 90's French pop song "Angelina" which I can't remember the artist. The other songs are also good except the last single which they did acknowledge people who helped them in their career. At least for Giniling Festival, they're not trying hard and just covering up some old songs. Their original songs speak for themselves.

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Giniling Festival
Rating: Very Good


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Giniling Festival: Giniling Festival Album Review Giniling Festival: Giniling Festival Album Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 10:24 AM Rating: 5
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