Earth Hour 2009

Fighting Global Warming

I always wanted to help Mother Earth recover from the abuses she have been receiving from humans since time in memorial. I am not excluded from those abusers. I smoke cigarettes, I ride vehicles that emit carbon monoxide are among the things I'm guilty of doing. But we can still make a difference and make up to our beloved Mother Earth. She's the only one we've got.

On March 28, at exactly 8:30PM, at any time zones, join us in unity with other countries in supporting Earth Hour. A one hour of support voting for Mother Earth against global warming.

By switching your lights off for an hour will urge world leaders in taking action against global warming. So every single vote would count and its not about what country you're from but from what planet you're from.

And all of us, including future generations will benefit on this simple request by our beloved Mother Earth.

I'll personally invite you to be part of this event. Please switch off your light on Saturday for an hour. Just for an hour. We've been without electricity from the beginning of time until the early 1900. It would not hurt for an hour only.

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