Boyet Fajardo Scandal

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Just recently, I came across a video that is seemingly intolerable. A person has no right and even a privilege to have somebody kneel before him. Only GOD has that luxury.

And in this case, a human being in the persona of Angelino "Boyet" Fajardo, a well-known fashion designer, dreamt of being GOD. A news in the internet circulated about how he berated and insulted a cashier and other employees of Duty Free Philippines in Paranaque City last March 13.

The Video. I watched the CCTV version of the said incident whereas a slim gentleman kneeled before him. No audio was available on that said video but in an interview with the supervisor of the employee said Boyet shouted his now infamous line:

"Mga leche kayo! Hindi n’yo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo! At itong put*ng-inang babaeng ito at ang baklang ito ay mga walang kuwentang tao! I want them fired!"

But the man in black was still not satisfied and asked them either kneel or be slapped. So the less fortunate employee kneeled down to him instead of being slapped. An action we only see in drama or action movies. All of this was because of stupidity regarding the use of credit card.

My Verdict. From my understanding and research, Boyet Fajardo was raised by good parents. I'm sure he was taught by his Alma Mater of UST with good moral and values. But why the hell was he involved on this scandal? Better yet, why did he do to this indignity to human beings especially to his fellow Filipino?

In my opinion, it is not right to berate, insult or even humiliate your fellow human being nonetheless of his race, gender and social economic status in life. I mean, we are born equal rich and poor. And to force a person to kneel before you is an act of cruelty. It should be punishable by law and even Boyet Fajardo should be treated as one of the criminals. 

Although its wrong to judge a person, but in my point of view, Mr. Boyet Fajardo is a "scum" of humanity. Your actions against your fellow people will come back to you as a karma. So you better watch out because it will be near. As I quote Brad Pitt's line in the movie "Fight Club":

"...the people you are mistreating are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances, we guard you while you sleep. Do not fuck with us."

And Mr. Boyet Fajardo -- Do not f*ck with us!!!


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