Batch 2009: What Now?

After Graduation Woes

March is the graduation month of most of the students that have accomplished either primary, secondary or tertiary schooling. It is also the month that parents can breathe easily because they get the freedom from educational expenses.

In the Philippines, education is the only gift that parents can give their children to secure them for the future. They always say the saying in the native language "Ang Edukasyon lang ang tanging mapapamana namin sa inyo".

But something's wrong in the picture. Behind those laughter and fulfillment, there lies the real truth that will make every graduate think of.

I'm not sure how many college students graduate every year but I'm sure more than half of them would end up not pursuing their degree. Most of them will still be bums for the next few months after graduating and some of them will swallow their own words and find a job out of their respective degrees because they need the money.

I know because I have experienced the same thing. I immediately tried to look for a job and got one as a sales representative although I am a Computer Engineering graduate. I though before that there seems to be jobs for every Filipino.

I will enumerate the things I think needs change in ourselves and the whole Filipino nation for the way we think and implement things:

First of all, its not true that if a student finishes a degree like nursing or caregiver, it guarantees a job for them.

Next its not true also that if you are a graduate you'll land in a position higher than others. If you think you can be a manager right away after graduating, to hell with you!

Stop racism when it comes to employers looking for graduates in an exclusive school e.g. La Salle, Ateneo et al. Its not the school its the way we work.

Don't blame the government for your unemployment. You chose to be unemployed, so only you can do something about it.

While studying, stay away from activism. I don't have something against activists but I think its a waste of time rallying about something against the government. For tuition fee increase and other things about education, yes, I'll be involved but other than that, no way! You want change, then study hard and replace those in the government.

And the list goes on.... these are just the major ones I think.

You can try to add something and give advice to our fellow graduates that are new in the corporate world. To the graduates, welcome! Stay focus and never give up on your dreams. They'll surely come true.


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