Angela Velez

Dancing Angel

Aside from acting, dancing is the next best thing among sexy celebrities. They should be able to gyrate and move their booty around wearing only a piece of clothing just enough to cover their private parts.

And Angela Velez is an expert on this kind of profession. She can do both way back when she was still single. Now that she is already a wife and a mother, I missed those opening numbers she did in a noontime show.

Angela Velez started her career by joining beauty contests. Luckily, she won on those contests before joining showbiz. She boasts a finely sculpted body and also its perfectly toned. She did some sexy movies way back and ventured also in dancing for a noontime show.

How I remembered when we toured her studio to watch them in their show. When Miss Body Beautiful danced, men's eyes, including me, got stuck on the boob tube. She swayed and gyrated in rhythm with the song wearing a skimpy outfit.

Those were the days when she opens a dance number. Now, she's happily married and we hope she dances again just like before.

For me, she is one good example of a woman with beauty, body and brains. She graduated as an Electrical Engineer which is by far the hardest engineering course in the Philippines. 

She also has a comedic side too which will give you a good laugh. Her husband and children is truly lucky to have her. I'm just hoping she'll dance again on the floor.

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