Angel Locsin

Behind The Stars

Many Filipina celebrities nowadays rely on their physical attributes than on talent. They say talent can be learned through workshops and acting jobs.

With Angel Locsin, our featured 9MM Girl for March, thank goodness she have both. She is one of my favorite subjects when I do photo editing. And every time I do, I'm wishing I am the photographer that took the pictures I'm featuring here.

Angel Locsin is one of the bankable young actresses in Philippine showbiz. Not only she has this mesmerizing eyes that could melt the man in you, but she also has the body that every son of Adam would want for himself.

She had jumped from network to network to establish a name for herself and she made it clear that she's here to stay. Whether treasure hunting as Gabriela, flying as Alwina, being a wolf as Lyka or protecting us from bad elements as Darna, she never fails to please men. 

Angel Locsin has this sex appeal that captures men's imagination and still has the beauty of innocence. A holy name made into flesh. Thank GOD!

Personally, I loved and stunned of her pictures being scattered over the internet, magazines and billboards around the Metro. She has this pose that only an Angel Locsin can do.


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