Oasis: Instrumentals EP Review

No Lyrics, Just Music

I just downloaded this album from my favorite forum and tried to listen on the music of the Brit rock band Oasis without their front man Liam Gallagher. This album sounded like that their just doing soundchecks while waiting for their lead vocalist to arrive. 

Although it has some nice spots in showcasing band members' talents but its kinda repetitive. And I just learned that this is just a promo EP. I wonder that the reason that they released this EP is just to show what they do in between recordings. They have already released their newest album entitled The Shock Of Lightning and this is the prelude to that album. Not worth throwing your money on this EP.

By the way, they'll be holding their world tour promoting their new album. The nearest that they can be in my country is on April 7 2009 in Hongkong.

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Oasis: Instrumentals EP
Rating: Fair


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Oasis: Instrumentals EP Review Oasis: Instrumentals EP Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:04 AM Rating: 5
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