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I'm posting my first music review for a released album locally. This was created last September of 2008.

Metallica's latest studio album Death Magnetic is out in the stores now being released locally by Universal. It is their eighth studio album and it also debuts their new bassist Mike Trujillo for the band.

I am a fan of Metallica ever since I heard their self-titled or the BLACK album. A friend recommended me this album way back in high school and since I'm into metal and rock music, I obliged and listened to it.

Their music was injected to me like a syringe feeding my starvation for something different. I thirst for more, so I listened to their old albums and enjoyed their speed and heavy music. I also tried to learn their guitar pieces and played it with my band before.

And from then on, I followed them and even got the chance to watch them play live here in my country. But chicken pox rendered me ill during the night of the concert. Even though I already purchased a ticket, I had to sell it to another friend. I was left with just listening to their songs with my cassette player pretending I was there watching them.

But after the BLACK album, they released two other albums. Those two are quite not that heavy compared from their previous albums. Many criticized their sudden change of genre. It seems they sounded just too soft for the thrash metal genre.

And some thought that they aged a bit. I listened to those albums but didn't see the difference although it lacks the heaviness from the old albums. I still believe in them and I'm not saying this because I'm a fan but its their decision to shift musical creativeness. I respect whatever their reasons they have in changing their musical style.

Then after that they changed the lineup and acquired bassist Mike Trujillo to replace Jason Newsted. Another move that many criticized. Trujillo came from a hardcore thrash band Suicidal Tendencies that may not get along with the band's music. And just recently, Metallica's eighth studio album was released and I got the chance to listen to it. This is Trujillo's debut album for the band and he will be judged by the millions of fans of Metallica. Here's my album review:

The album kicks off with the opening, "That Was Just For Your Life" It seems Metallica is returning back to its roots with heaviness and speed. It opened the album with fast riffs, fast beats and the melodic flow of the song I missed from the band. James Hetfiled leads the vocals and the heavy riffs and Kirk Hammett delivers the high end guitar solos.

Mike Trujillo's debuts with steady basslines and Lars Ulrich delivers heart-pounding drum beats enough to deliver hell rising up the earth. The next two songs, "End Of The Line" and "Broken, Beat And Scarred" still shows chugging riffs and maybe outdoing the heaviness of the old albums.

The album goes slow but still heavy on "The Day That Never Comes". At first I thought it was slow all through out the end of the song but I was wrong. it becomes faster as the song plays. Here I noticed that Hammett showed his skills on new guitar solos without the use of the wah effects. "All Nightmare Long" delivers another tight song. With the fast pace of both the guitars and drums part, it must be tiring to be played live. Still speed metal is showed halfway through the album. And I would say that they haven't lost their touch for speed. Those five songs delivered me from hell and back. 

And then the third installment for the Unforgiven series is played. "Unforgiven III" sounded the same as its predecessors. It continued to tell the tale of the man they originally described as the unforgiven. They continued to bang my ear on the next single "The Judas Kiss." With some sudden staccatos, but still continually feeding me with fast and heavy riffs, crisp guitar solos and drum poundings that make me bang my head more. 

In the almost 10-minute instrumental, "Suicide And Redemption", Trujillo's steady basslines were displayed in the opening part. Then it played along with the riffs and drums of this single showcasing each member to boast off their talent. Ending the album would be again the fast and heavy "My Apocalypse." It leaves a high note for me to crave for more headbanging and have it replayed over again.

Death Magnetic clearly states that Metallica is still the Lords of Speed/Thrash Metal genre. Although it just contains 10 songs, its enough to satisfy myself with pure headbanging experience. They might have aged a bit, changed their styles, but still Metallica rules. After listening to the album, I am hoping that they would include the Philippines as one of their tour sites. Surely I won't miss it for the world.

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Metallica: Death Magnetic
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