Central Park Condo Nightmare Experience

Livng A Nightmare

I'm posting my experience in living a so-called condominium last year. Me and my fiancee have to move out after a month because of a faulty electricity and we decided that this is enough for us to experience this nightmare.

Me and my fiancee had been planning to move out to another house for months. Because of some issues we experienced from our house mates, we are forced to move out from the house. Issues like the people that they bring with them, the over crowding, the humidity, cleanliness and other issues far more worse than to stay with them. We tried to be patient and understanding with them but they left us with no choice. We have to move out.

To cover the damage of the deposit and an advance payment to move in, I borrowed money from my soon to be mother in law. Of course with interest and have my ATM card be the collateral. So I have to do the sacrifice to get my salary from her every payday.

Then I scoured the ads paper and the internet to get a house for us. I called them up and had visuals of the place but it seems there is something that I'm looking for. The orderliness and the neighborhood would be the vital criteria we need for the location of the house. Next would be the accessibility and the strong potable water will become the place more marketable. But those are the criteria we missed when we moved in to this new place.

We found this place thinking its worth it. A condo unit that will change our view in life. We found Central Park Condominium. The owners are good. The unit is also good complete with cabinets, air con and a bed that would make us comfortable. Its a good semi furnished condo unit for an inexpensive rent. I can pay the rent by my own and my fiancee will be shouldering the utility bills.

The owners gave us some precautions about the condo's condition but we totally did not think about it since we just need to move out from our old place. And after negotiations, we agreed to a six month contract to live in the condo unit. But we are up for a surprise...

When we moved in, sudden plans are being thought upon like its a perfect home for us. It seems luck is not on our side that month because so many things happened.

First of all, the management of this condo sucks. There are four elevators and only one is working. We have to fall in line and maybe wait about 15 minutes to get up. They say that the three other elevators were damaged by previous tenants and its expensive to have it repaired. I say that's why we have the monthly dues for. But they said that its not enough.

Next, The water supply. Why the hell can't they install a potable water on each and every condo unit? Well, we found out the answer for that ourselves. Still the management has something to do with it. Many businesses will be closed like the people who try to earn a decent living. Some men had to earn by delivering water to units here. And of course where the water came from. We learned that this condo unit had its supply of potable water until they did not pay the bill for 7 million pesos. And management can't do anything about it. WTF!

Lastly, just this weekend. We have to suffer climbing the stairs up and down because the one and only elevator needs repair. For about 3 days. We're on the twelfth floor and its very tiring and to think how about those people living on the top floors. For me I take it as an exercise but to those older people that couldn't walk, how about them? F*ck!

We have nothing against the owner of our unit. Their unit was fine and good. But the place stinks! We plan to move out after I get my bonus. And I promise that I'll get a decent place for us to start a family. I have to consider things that I forgot the first time I got this place. A house or a unit that's not nice to live in is not a home, but a stress.


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