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With the Oscars just around the corner... I thought of watching one contender for the Best Film Category. A colleague recommended this film to me and said that this film is quite realistic. 

Then I tried to scour the internet to watch this movie and it turns out to be my first review. But I just learned that this is not one of the nominated for whatever category. Anyway, just read on for this amateur review... comments are much appreciated.
"The hardest thing a man has to live with about war isn't the things he does that he was ordered to do. It's the things he does that he wasn't ordered to."

Gran Torino is the story of Korean War Vetean Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood). Being grumpy and snob to his neighbors who are all Asians because he refuses to abandon his neighborhood. Everything changed when he met Thao (Bee Vang). Suddenly, Kowalski turns out to be the hero of the neighborhood after saving Thao from the thugs that tries to snatch him.

Kowalski and Thao became attached to each other as he was not attached to anyone before even his own children. And then one night, a tragedy happened that made Kowalski had to do sacrifices. He made the thugs suffer with his life. The story ended with Thao driving his Gran Torino.

It could have been the best movie for me if it wasn't boring. The plot is good and realistic. The characters were well played by the actors. But in the end, I was disappointed to know that Kowalski's been planning to die. Although he made the thugs suffer in jail. I was hoping for him to kill those thugs before dying.

I was surprised to learn that he did not as I watched it. Musical score is quite limited here except for some music playing when the thugs are passing by with their cars. The film also showed some guilt on the racism issues going on when it comes to Asians living in the U.S. Nonetheless, still a worthwhile movie to watch.


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Gran Torino
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