Citibank Scandal

Racist To Her Own Country

Its alright to be frustrated and it seems that no one is there to help you out in desperate times. But nothing will be resolved if you keep on ranting, cursing, and shouting at those people on the other line. You even don't have the right to condemn them that they are stupid or not doing their jobs.

Somebody forwarded this audio recording of a bank client trying to withdraw money from a local bank. Listen and learn how disgusted I am to this Filipino ranter.

First of all, I believe that maybe this recording is scripted because I don't believe there are such people that are hysterically insane to blame their stupidity to other people.

If this is true, I would meet this caller and shout at her that she is not welcome to be a Filipino. She's like a fly pooching at the back of a carabao. Who does she think she is? I agree with the comments on this recording. When I meet this creature, I would tie her up and spit at her until she drowns... fair enough?


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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