My Confession

Again, re-posting my past experiences. This was written way back September of 2008. This is a confession of a Call Center Agent trying to resolve his own issues.

After more than 3 years of working in a call center, I thought that I had already experienced the worst. Customers, metrics and goals to hit, Annoying leaders, and those other things and people that make an agent's shift a nightmare. Today I experience even worst.

In my estimation, I have already answered more or less 10,000 calls in the three year span of my job. Even if I haven't resolved all of those calls, still I'm proud to say that I haven't released a single call on purpose. Even if the customer is already swearing, doing profanity and shouting the F word, still I managed to calm them and try to resolve their issues the best that I could. 

Today, is like any other day that I answer calls and try to fix technical related problems. Although, I feel bad that all that stress within the office being created by several people and things around me, I still manage to take each day, one shift at a time.

Anyway, like I said, its an ordinary day for me. What happened was, while in the middle of a call, while troubleshooting with the customer, I felt this sudden thought and feeling that I wanted to be free. I wanted to throw my headset, walk out of the office and leave this work. 


Freedom from having to worry other people's issues. Freedom from the pressure that the job is doing to me. Freedom from bosses that annoys me. Freedom from the company that drains the life out of me. 

FREEDOM. Ah... what a magical feeling. A life without worrying anything. That's life.

But as I about to touch my headset and ready to throw it against the monitor, reality bit me. In time my sanity is about to escape my inner being. I thought of the people that are expecting a lot from me. I thought of the people that are depending on me. I thought of the things that I needed to do and want to do. I thought of the things I am oblige to do. And to sum it all up... I still need my job. Reality came back in an instant.

At the beginning months of my stay here with my current company, I felt in love with it. I love to go to work everyday, I love my colleagues and the job that I do. But as the months go by, I started to fell out of love with it. They say that what I feel is what they call BURNOUT. I know the meaning of the word literally and job wise but I have totally ignored how it could destroy me. I have totally ignored the end results of it if not taken care of.

I tried to learn why we feel burnout in all the jobs that we do. And I learned that its like a daily routine that you can't avoid and nothing's really exciting about the job anymore. And I know how hard it is when somebody's throwing negative vibes to you and you try to absorb it. And as it pile up within you, you tend to be irritated easily, complain all the time and feel negative about anything and everything. But even though you try so hard not to be affected and stay positive as you can,it is still inevitable.

Personally I'm starting to notice those traits already. Beforehand, I crack jokes with the customer and build rapport with them. But now, I easily get irritated with a simple stupid question. I curse easily with a simple instruction that the customer can't do. I get mad with a simple misunderstanding. I know I have to change my attitude before I snap and cause me my job and my future.

I have thought of the solutions of this feeling beforehand. But this is not as easy as taking a pill for your runny nose. Taking care of burnout is a long and hard process for me. It involves my inner self and commitment. 

I need to try out something new. I have to look forward for something that would excite me and keep my mind focus. I have to set my mind on short term and long term goals that would eventually benefit me and take care of this burnout thing. 

This is not to have a thought of being tired because from that tiredness, burnout will start its fire within. And there is no one but myself that can help me on this. Of course, people around me would be needed also to achieve these goals and cure this so called burnout.


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